132324_478587498774_341595_o March 23

BBB Live-March Resident Band- Battle Tapes-Interview

We have come to the end of our time with March BBB Live resident band, Battle Tapes, but not before we take a few minutes to have some fun and get to know these musical wizards! Watch our interview below to find out when/why they each started playing music, who was in a rival street […]

902734_665524986817555_5447868113646564857_o March 19

Badass Band 106- Black Crystal Wolf Kids

Photo Credit: CraSH Photo Black Crystal Wolf Kids. The name alone will grab any pop-rock music lovers attention and you bet your ass it was designed that way. This badass band is original in the concept behind the band, but not so much in its content considering they are an indie-rock tribute band. Holy hell […]

132324_478587498774_341595_o March 16

BBB Live- March Resident Band- Battle Tapes Week 3

Week 3 with our #BBBLive resident bands is always such a bittersweet feeling. The plus side is that they always leave us wanting more, and our March resident band, Battle Tapes​, is no exception! Their final track “Feel The Same” is an extra dancy, extra synth-y, heavy hitting tune that will have your body convulsing […]

132324_478587498774_341595_o March 09

BBB Live- March Resident Band- Battle Tapes Week 2

BBB Live March resident band Battle Tapes is gonna knock-knock down your door and blow you away this week with their extra heavy track “Graveyard Shift”. Press play and let loose!! Sponsored by Silverlake Lounge! Thank you to Battle Tapes, Black Tie Studios, Scientist Sound Labs and Riot at the Zoo!  

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.24.29 PM March 04

BBB RADIO: Every Wed. @ 4:30pm on KVCM!

Reminder! We now have ‪#‎BBBRadio‬!! Tune in every Wednesday at 4:30pm via TuneIn.com (Search: KVCM) or via the TuneIn app (Follow: KVCM)! Jo and Joan are showcasing a band a week and talking about all the badass shows on our radar!  

132324_478587498774_341595_o March 02

BBB Live- March Resident Band- Battle Tapes Week 1

March is upon us and so is our last band of Season 2 of BBB Live! This month you’re going to be served a heaping helping of electro rock from Battle Tapes! If you dig bands like NIN, you’re going to fucking love these guys. Their episodes were shot different from any other so far, in […]

11420_860458557307607_390579943347435836_n February 23

BBB Live- February Resident Band- The Get Down Boys-Interview

We’ve got one more morsel of badassery from our February resident band, The Get Down Boys, for you! This week we get comfy with Andy, Matt, Israel and Evan! Watch the interview below to find out what Andy loves about his band mates, when and why each of them started playing music, and what its […]

528198_611670138862167_1870773680_n February 19

Badass Band 105- The Hidden Lines

This next Badass Band is another mixed bag of awesome. They give you a taste of everything: mellow, sweet, poppy tracks, enchanting, harmony driven, psychedelic style tracks, and straight up rock n roll tracks. Badass Band 106 is The Hidden Lines. I heard about The Hidden lines long before I saw them, and I ended […]

11420_860458557307607_390579943347435836_n February 16

BBB Live- February Resident Band- The Get Down Boys Week 3

Ah man, we are already at the final track of our BBB Live residency with The Get Down Boys. We are coming off Valentine’s Day, and this one is going to give you all the feels if you’ve ever felt like you weren’t good enough for someone. Prepare yourself for Israel’s sweet drawl, heart wrenchingly beautiful […]

11420_860458557307607_390579943347435836_n February 09

BBB Live- February Resident Band- The Get Down Boys Week 2

This week, “Spin the Bottle” with February BBB Live resident band, The Get Down Boys!! Press play and get your dancin’ shoes on for this quicker number. Be ready to play this one on repeat… Brought to you by Silverlake Lounge and MVP! Thank you to The Get Down Boys, Riot at the Zoo, Scientist Sound Labs […]

11420_860458557307607_390579943347435836_n February 02

BBB Live- February Resident Band- The Get Down Boys Week 1

February has rolled in and so has our next BBB Live resident band! This month we’re changing it up and getting our bluegrass fix with The Get Down Boys!! These guys do bluegrass so damn well, you have to try hard not to love them. Let their phenomenal harmonies transport you to another time period entirely. Add […]

The Janks Press 1 January 29

EXCLUSIVE! Listen to The Janks NEW single “Edge of Love”!!

Hot damn! Badass Band The Janks allowed BBB to “leak” their new single “Edge of Love” a little early and I couldn’t be more stoked about it! If you don’t know already (First off, if you don’t know The Janks, you are failing at life right now), this is the first of 12 brand new […]

10552609_899746800055310_2028605137358512234_n January 29

Badass Band 104- Bones Muhroni

Quirky? Check. Folk? Check. Rock n roll? Check. Awesome live show? Check. It’s about time you meet this next badass band. They will not only get you groovin’, but they’ll put a goofy grin on your face for the entirety of their set. Meet Badass Band 104, Bones Muhroni! I can’t exactly remember the first […]

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 6.20.42 AM January 26

BBB Live- January Resident Band- The Shakers-Interview

All January long The Shakers have been rockin’ our world, and now its time to get to know these badasses on a personal level. So sit back, press play and be prepared to find out who is the mastermind behind “destroying” other projects to build this rad lineup, who is an avid golfer, what cool things […]

cool-question-marks-QuestionMarks January 21

5 things successful indie bands do

I’ve interviewed, booked, promoted and worked with a shit ton of indie bands and I often get asked what I think the successful ones do that really make them stand out from the rest (aside from having fantastic music and a stellar live show). I assumed the following things were a common practice, but believe me, […]

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 6.20.42 AM January 19

BBB Live- January Resident Band- The Shakers Week 3

Are we really at our third and final tune with January BBB Live resident band, The Shakers?! Ugh, yes. Peep this video of them performing a slower, sexier jam dubbed “The Hold”! Let Jodie wow you with those pipes, Chris warm you up via his sweet riffs, and Ro and Nick get that head of yours bobbing to their […]

10612891_10100729660507003_3670120135211222899_n January 15

Expert Fan Profile- Ryan Romenesko

Time to introduce you to another Expert Fan on the LA scene! This one is out constantly supporting all levels of bands and musicians in all kinds of genres. Meet the radical, badical, Ryan Romenesko! I met Ryan via The Janks. We both share a mutual love for them, and after being at a slew […]

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.50.50 AM January 13

EXCLUSIVE! The Absolute’s new video will make you “Smile”!

Put your eyes and ears on this music fiends! Badass Band The Absolute gave us the honor of releasing their brand spanking new music video to you! The tune is “Smile” from their latest album, Grow. The boys definitely kept the title and lyrics like, “Take some time and have some fun at least…While I was […]

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 6.20.42 AM January 12

BBB Live- January Resident Band- The Shakers Week 2

“Whatcha want?” another BBB Live episode featuring The Shakers? Well, look no further! Dig into their performance of this groovier track (a personal favorite of mine) right now! Get ready to move them hips! Brought to you by Silverlake Lounge and MVP!   Thank you to The Shakers, Black Tie Studios, Scientist Sound Labs and Riot at the […]

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 6.20.42 AM January 05

BBB Live-January Resident Band-The Shakers Week 1

New year, new month, new resident band! BBB Live welcomes one of the very first Badass Bands, The Shakers! We’re so stoked to be able to bring you a tiny piece of their high energy, sweet tunage filled live rock n roll show! So sit back, press play, and fall in love with The Shakers […]

medium_square_iron_tom December 29

BBB Live- December Resident Band- Irontom Week 4 Interview

As the holiday season comes to an end, so does our time with December BBB Live resident band, Irontom. But not before we sit down with Harry, Dane, Zach, Dyl and Dan to play Cards Against Humanity, find out what Christopher Lloyd has to do with them meeting, and what some of the gents hidden talents […]

Stone Foxes 06 _cr. Mike Rosati_Web December 24

Badass Band 103- The Stone Foxes

Oh man, oh man, do we have a doozy for you this week. This band wows me every damn time I see them. It’s time for you to meet the high energy, bluesy rock n roll badassery that is The Stone Foxes. I saw The Stone Foxes by coincidence at SXSW 2013, they played right […]

medium_square_iron_tom December 22

BBB Live- December Resident Band- Irontom- Week 3

Here it is kids, just in time for Xmas, our final track with BBB Live December resident band, Irontom! Scope out their rockin’ ode to “Your Mother”… Stay tuned for their interview next week! Brought to you by Silverlake Lounge! Thanks to Irontom, Scientist Sound Labs, Black Tie Studios and Riot at the Zoo!

BLPWSI_Nov_2014 December 19

Badass Band 102- Better Looking People With Superior Ideas

If you like your tunes with serious layers, unique arrangements, and an electronic orchestra type feel, this Badass Band is for you! Meet Badass Band 102, Better Looking People with Superior Ideas. I believe BLPWSI and I found each other via social media, and at the time I was doing some regular booking at Silverlake Lounge, and […]

medium_square_iron_tom December 16

BBB Live- December Resident Band-Irontom-Week 2

Week two with December BBB Live Resident Band Irontom brings you one of my favorite tracks, “The Minista.” Its funky, gritty and highly fucking dance worthy. Recently, the boys released a trippy, Salvador Dali inspired music video for this one, which two members helped to direct/edit (And it boasts a cameo by none other than […]

medium_square_iron_tom December 08

BBB Live- December Resident Band-Irontom-Week 1

Christmas has come early music fiends!!! Meet the BBB Live December resident band, Irontom. Let the guys invite you into their crazy world and take you on quite the aural journey with their track “In the Day and the Dark”…and remember this is only the beginning… Brought to you by Silverlake Lounge! Thank you to Irontom, Black […]

1913264_671828129537326_5598752027687262742_o November 28

Badass Band 101- Town in the City

  The newest Badass Band is a little bit folk, a little bit country, and a little bit rock n roll. If you’re looking for something you can dance your ass off to and also get cozy with, Town in the City is the band you need in your life. I first saw Town in […]

168553_297318277031057_2078334468_n November 24

BBB Live- November Resident Band- The New Electric Sound- Week 4- Interview

Our final week with NES is here, and to be honest we’re a little bummed about it. However, that being said, we have eight minutes of interview goodness with these radical gents. Find out about hidden talents, who has a signed photo of Jimmy Buffett, what they would change about the music industry and more…. Brought to […]

168553_297318277031057_2078334468_n November 20

BBB Live- November Resident Band- The New Electric Sound- Week 3

Week 3 with BBB Live November resident band The New Electric Sound is finally here and we’re sorry for the hold up on this episode! Because of the wait, it should be easy for you to really “Lose Control” with these rock n rollers!! Dig in! Brought to you by Silverlake Lounge! Thank you to […]

10520846_708346485910639_5699255180567333817_n November 12

Expert Fan Profile- Rebecca Balin

Photo Credit: Zb Images This month’s Expert Fan is not a stranger to you if you are even a semi-regular on the LA music scene. She can be found at shows she booked or behind the light board at The Satellite (Sometimes other spots as well!). She’s been booking shows, lighting bands, and doing everything in […]


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