BLPWSI_Nov_2014 December 19

Badass Band 102- Better Looking People With Superior Ideas

If you like your tunes with serious layers, unique arrangements, and an electronic orchestra type feel, this Badass Band is for you! Meet Badass Band 102, Better Looking People with Superior Ideas. I believe BLPWSI and I found each other via social media, and at the time I was doing some regular booking at Silverlake Lounge, and […]

medium_square_iron_tom December 16

BBB Live- December Resident Band-Irontom-Week 2

Week two with December BBB Live Resident Band Irontom brings you one of my favorite tracks, “The Minista.” Its funky, gritty and highly fucking dance worthy. Recently, the boys released a trippy, Salvador Dali inspired music video for this one, which two members helped to direct/edit (And it boasts a cameo by none other than […]

medium_square_iron_tom December 08

BBB Live- December Resident Band-Irontom-Week 1

Christmas has come early music fiends!!! Meet the BBB Live December resident band, Irontom. Let the guys invite you into their crazy world and take you on quite the aural journey with their track “In the Day and the Dark”…and remember this is only the beginning… Brought to you by Silverlake Lounge! Thank you to Irontom, Black […]

1913264_671828129537326_5598752027687262742_o November 28

Badass Band 101- Town in the City

  The newest Badass Band is a little bit folk, a little bit country, and a little bit rock n roll. If you’re looking for something you can dance your ass off to and also get cozy with, Town in the City is the band you need in your life. I first saw Town in […]

168553_297318277031057_2078334468_n November 24

BBB Live- November Resident Band- The New Electric Sound- Week 4- Interview

Our final week with NES is here, and to be honest we’re a little bummed about it. However, that being said, we have eight minutes of interview goodness with these radical gents. Find out about hidden talents, who has a signed photo of Jimmy Buffett, what they would change about the music industry and more…. Brought to […]

168553_297318277031057_2078334468_n November 20

BBB Live- November Resident Band- The New Electric Sound- Week 3

Week 3 with BBB Live November resident band The New Electric Sound is finally here and we’re sorry for the hold up on this episode! Because of the wait, it should be easy for you to really “Lose Control” with these rock n rollers!! Dig in! Brought to you by Silverlake Lounge! Thank you to […]

10520846_708346485910639_5699255180567333817_n November 12

Expert Fan Profile- Rebecca Balin

Photo Credit: Zb Images This month’s Expert Fan is not a stranger to you if you are even a semi-regular on the LA music scene. She can be found at shows she booked or behind the light board at The Satellite (Sometimes other spots as well!). She’s been booking shows, lighting bands, and doing everything in […]

168553_297318277031057_2078334468_n November 11

BBB Live- November Resident Band- The New Electric Sound- Week 2

WHOA! Week one with November BBB Live resident band, The New Electric Sound, was dare I say…ELECTRIC! Annnnnddddd we’ve still got more for you! This week get let your hair down (the boys sure did) and enjoy their performance of the funkified track “Just Gotta Be That Way.” Thank you to NES, Black Tie Studios, Scientist […]

168553_297318277031057_2078334468_n November 03

BBB Live-November Resident Band-The New Electric Sound-Week 1

With another month, comes another badass band for your listening and viewing pleasure! This month’s BBB Live resident band is The New Electric Sound!! Get down with their classic rock n roll vibe and those sweet cardigans. Check out their first track, “Suitcase” below. Thank you to NES, Black Tie Studios, Scientist Sound Labs and […]

10487609_801379049894783_2388721735902452685_n October 28

Badass Band 100- Nacosta

This band is one that exceeds the mere concept of genre bending. These guys masterfully mesh folk, rock, and electronic sounds in a way that no band I’ve heard has done. One second you’re hearing something reminiscent of the Rolling Stones, the next second something more like Pink Floyd and then something like a descendant […]

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.22.24 PM October 27

BBB Live- October Resident Band- Mars and the Massacre- Week 4 Interview

We’ve had an extremely radical month with our favorite martians, aka October BBB Live resident band, Mars and the Massacre. Now its time for the guys to take a break from raging to chat about how they met, why the name, their favorite records, and what the LA music scene is like now that they […]

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.22.24 PM October 20

BBB Live- October Resident Band- Mars and the Massacre- Week 3

Normally, we wouldn’t openly condone blacking out, but in this case, we are making an exception! BBB Live October resident band, Mars and the Massacre, offers up the best kind of “Blackout” below… Thank you to MATM, Black Tie Studios, Scientist Sound Labs and Riot at the Zoo!

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.22.24 PM October 13

BBB Live- October Resident Band- Mars and the Massacre- Week 2

Week 2 with our favorite Martians brings you an epic saga in song from, scope out this action packed performance of “F.N.F.S.N.S.” Remember, these badasses come home from tour THIS Thursday, October 16th and if you’re in LA you can welcome them back @ The Satellite! Come groove with us! Thank you to MATM, Scientist Sound […]

1397669_572096359504846_754842445_o October 08

Badass Band 99- Fire The Animal

Rock. Rock. Rock. Sometimes that is all you need, some well-executed, straightforward rock music. Badass Band 99 does that damn well, meet Los Angeles’ Fire The Animal. I saw Fire The Animal for the first time a few months back at a show I sponsored featuring badass band Black Belt Karate. The pairing of these […]

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 3.22.24 PM October 06

BBB Live- October Resident Band- Mars and the Massacre- Week 1

October is a few days deep and right on schedule we have a new BBB Live resident band that will treat those earholes of yours real nice! This time we brought our friends Mars and the Massacre, deemed LA Weekly’s Best Live Band, into Bedrock and let them go nuts. They did not disappoint. Scope “Re-Pete” […]

10577178_452229304920285_5843170995845900042_n September 29

BBB Live- September Resident Band- Little Dove- Week 4

Our finale with BBB Live September resident band is here, so take some time to get to know Vanja and Dylan of Little Dove! Watch us play a round of Cards Against Humanity, talk about how they met and discuss Dylan’s unique drum kit. Brought to you by our friends at Silverlake Lounge!!   Thank […]

10577178_452229304920285_5843170995845900042_n September 22

BBB Live- September Resident Band- Little Dove- Week 3

Here were are, already at week three with our September resident band, Little Dove!! Once again, we saved a doozy for last! Check out this stripped down performance of “Sink Ships.” Killer lyrics, Vanja’s pipes and some simple beats….Hell. Yes. Thank you to Little Dove, our sponsor Silverlake Lounge, Scientist Sound Labs, Black Tie Studios […]

1979668_1426637857576337_1146346034_n September 18

Badass Band 98- Electric Children

I’m always on the lookout for some solid, garage rock and this time around I found it. However, as per just about every Badass Band, this band doesn’t just stick to one genre entirely. This band is a staple in the East LA/Downtown music scene and aside from their killer tunes is damn good at […]

10577178_452229304920285_5843170995845900042_n September 15

BBB Live- September Resident Band- Little Dove- Week 2

Week two with Little Dove is in full swing kids! Click below to scope their performance of “Hollow,” a fast-paced, heavy hitting track that is sure to get something burning inside you!!! Thank you to Little Dove, Scientist Sound Labs, Black Tie Studios, and Riot at the Zoo!  

10577178_452229304920285_5843170995845900042_n September 08

BBB Live-September Resident Band- Little Dove- Week 1

September is here music fiends, and with it comes another goddamn radical band, the duo dubbed Little Dove! If you dig a small band with a big sound, Little Dove is for you!! To sum them up: killer pipes, radical guitar, and a unique take on drums. Press play to watch Vanja and Dylan perform […]

1979706_10152181425279279_2046867039_n September 02

Expert Fan Profile- Matt Linsky

Time to introduce you folks to another Expert Fan I met on the LA music circuit! This one is not only a fan, but a musician and works in the music industry as well! Meet Matt Linsky. I met Matt probably about a year ago via another friend of mine Todd Bergman. Once I knew […]

10603342_10203424389882030_7890574620918932671_n August 25

BBB Live- August Resident Band- The Absolute- Week 4- Interview

After three radical weeks of new tunes, its time to get cozy with the boys of The Absolute! Take a look at their interview below to find out about what Ryan does when he’s not with the band, see Pozzi chug a beer, find out how their new album came about with Randm Records and […]

569605 August 20

Badass Band 97- Strange Vine

Dynamic Duo. That is exactly what this next Badass Band is. They may be the most well-known band out of California’s Central Valley, and with damn good reason. Two insanely talented guys who make enough sweet noise to put 4-5 person bands to shame. Meet Badass Band 97, Strange Vine. I’ve known Strange Vine for […]

10603342_10203424389882030_7890574620918932671_n August 18

BBB Live- August Resident Band- The Absolute-Week 3

“So We March” into our last musical week with our August resident band, The Absolute! And folks, we definitely saved this one for last for a reason, that being, the addition of a second drum kit and a change in instrumentation…just wait for the climax… (Sooooo RAD.) Thanks to The Absolute, Black Tie Studios, Scientist Sound […]

10603342_10203424389882030_7890574620918932671_n August 10

BBB Live-August Resident Band- The Absolute- Week 2

Week 2 with our August resident band, The Absolute, has arrived. This time, they perform the title track off their upcoming album which releases 9.23.14!!! So, “Grow” with The Absolute by clicking play below…   Thank you to The Absolute, Black Tie Studios, Scientist Sound Labs and Riot at the Zoo!

1262696_10151806599741530_1513561478_o August 04

BBB Live-August Resident Band-The Absolute-Week 1

August has arrived, and so has a NEW BBB Live resident band! This one should be of no surprise to those of you who’ve known us at BBB for a while. August brings you three all new tunes from our friends, The Absolute!! If you’re meeting The Absolute for the first time via the episode […]

Foreigner July 29

Young Creatures Single Premiere!!! Lay your ears on “Foreigner”!

  It’s no secret that Badass Band Young Creatures is releasing an album very soon, one that all of us at BBB are STOKED about. Well, they gave us a sneak peek of a new track off of Fear All The Things, and then gave us the go ahead to share it with you music fiends! So, […]

Pynma_DSRX4UqdI0lmYez2EsKfu3SmsTwtQy1xNkvH8 July 28

Badass Band 96- The Bones of J.R. Jones

  Photo Credit:David Kepner Time to throw y’all off the rock n roll loop and onto something with more of an old school sound. This Badass Band hails from Brooklyn and will win you over with soulful vocals, storytelling lyrics and rootsy/bluesy sounds. I was introduced to The Bones of J.R. Jones via my friends […]

TheDeadShips4_Text July 28

BBB Live- The Dead Ships- Week 4-Interview

Here we are again, at the end of a hell of a month with another Badass Band. This week, we let you get to know The Dead Ships, Devlin, Alex and Christopher via our hilarious backstage interview with the boys. Find out what Devlin loves about his band mates, why Chris thought Devlin was crazy […]

TheDeadShips4_Text July 21

BBB Live-The Dead Ships- Week 3

Gah! How is it already week 3 with The Dead Ships?! ! Well, we saved our favorite for last…this week, let the trio woo you with the heavy, high energy tune “Spun Yarns.” Thank you to The Dead Ships, Black Tie Studios, Scientist Sound Labs, and Riot at the Zoo!


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